Child Health Professionals Warn Parents About Heat Danger

FRESNO, Calif. — Children’s health professionals are warning parents to be aware of the dangers of the heat now that summer has began.

Children’s health care professionals said it is so important to keep kids hydrated in this heat because they are more susceptible to dehydration.

“It’s horrible to even walk to the car from the house its just heat beating down on you,” said Debi Steele, Mother.

Debi Steele and her three daughters finally found relief from that heat on Friday afternoon under the canopy of trees at Woodward Park.

Steele said she has been taking extra precaution with her daughters during these triple digits.

“We are making sure they have sunscreen so they don’t get sunburnt and drinking plenty of water,” said Steele.

Carlos Flores, the Trauma Coordinator for the Valley Children’s Hospital, said water is key on hot summer days.

“The primary danger is first of all with dehydration. Kids are much more susceptible to dehydration than we are as adults,” said Flores.

He said if kids are going outside for strenuous activity, they should be hydrating 60 minutes before and every 20 minutes throughout.

He said parents should get their kids to cooler areas if they see signs of  fatigue,  nausea, or loss of color.
He said symptoms could get worse and lead to seizures.

“It can lead to solid organ injury which may be irreversible or death,” Flores.

He said if you see severe signs of over heating call 911 right away.


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